Practice Areas
Johnson & Johnson, LLP has garnered extensive experience in the following areas:
Entertainment Litigation

The firm’s lawyers are well known for handling numerous high profile and wide-reaching entertainment matters. We have represented actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, authors, personal managers, production companies, musicians, composers, publishers, and independent record companies.

Rights of Privacy and Publicity

The firm represents celebrities, models, professional athletes, and others in right of likeness/publicity cases. The lawyers of the firm specialize in rights of privacy and have handled hundreds of invasion of privacy cases, including handling the case that resulted in the ground-breaking decision by the California Supreme Court in Sanders v. ABC, Inc.

Are You Entitled to Net Profits?

We are currently lead counsel on class actions against five major movie studios, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount and 20th Century Fox, for underpayment of talent and entities for movies made prior to 1981 that were released on home video ... more

Class Action Litigation

The firm has litigated class actions involving unfair business practices, consumer protection, invasions of privacy and entertainment disputes.

Intellectual Property Litigation

The lawyers at the firm specialize in copyright law, idea protection law, and trade secret law.

Defamation, Media, and First Amendment Law

The firm has litigated many cases involving libel and slander.